My Successful #PitchWars Query

Here’s the two versions of my query from when I was searching for an agent. Different title aside, this is actually for my debut, Hollywood Homicide. If I had a personal reason for contacting the agent, I would use Version 2. Otherwise, I would use Version 1. I think for Pitch Wars I just used […]

See and Be Seen: The Locations of Hollywood Homicide

When it comes to real estate—and, in this case, books—location is everything. As the name suggests, Hollywood Homicide takes place in, well, Hollywood. Dayna and her cohorts travel all over Los Angeles in the name of detective work. I figured it’d be fun to share a few of my favorite real life locations. Platinum Motorsport: […]

My book has a publisher!!

I have a book deal!!!!! I’ve known for weeks but my mind is still blown that this time next year I’ll be holding my book in my hands. Eek! There were so many times I never thought I would say that. I was five when I first told my parents I wanted to write books. […]