Exploring ‘Missing White Woman Syndrome’ and traveling while Black...

Missing White Woman takes the hallmarks of the ever-popular domestic suspense genre—a beautiful blonde in danger, an upper class enclave, secrets locked behind closed doors—and asks what would happen if you told it from the perspective of a woman who feels she doesn’t belong.




In this twisty thriller and “compulsive page-turner” (Harlan Coben) from the award-winning author of Like aSister, a woman thinks she’s waking up to a romantic vacation—only to find a body in her rental home and her boyfriend gone.

The truth is never skin deep.

It was supposed to be a romantic getaway weekend in New York City. Breanna’s new boyfriend, Ty, took care of everything—the train tickets, the dinner reservations, the rented four-story luxury rowhouse in Jersey City with a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline.

But when Bree comes downstairs their final morning, Ty is nowhere to be found and there’s a stranger dead in the foyer—the missing woman the entire Internet has become obsessed with: Janelle Beckett. Soon, both the police and an army of Internet sleuths are asking questions Bree doesn’t know how to answer. Desperate to find Ty and to keep her own secrets buried, Bree realizes there’s only one person she can turn to: her ex-best friend, a lawyer with whom she shares a very complicated past.

Fierce, smart, and thrilling to the end, Missing White Woman not only explores “Missing White Woman” syndrome and traveling while Black, but deftly inverts the hallmarks of the domestic suspense genre to ask: How well can we truly know the people we love? And what happens to these stories when seen through the eyes of a Black woman?


“A compulsive page-turner with plenty of twists and turns you won’t see coming. Kellye Garrett is a rising star, and Missing White Woman is her best one yet.” —Harlan Corben

“Fantastic. Only Garrett could craft a tale so adroitly attuned to our everyday fears.” —S.A. Cosby

“Expertly mixes sorrow and grief, humor and identity, with the chaos of social media.” —Rachel Howzell Hall

“Bree is unforgettable… you are in for such a ride!” —Rachel Hawkins

“A single-sitting read.” —Meg Gardiner, #1 New York Times bestselling author